Every Ticket Now Earns Points As Eurostar Relaunches "The Frequent Traveller Scheme"

31 Aug 2005

Eurostar, the high-speed train operator that links the UK, France and Belgium, tomorrow relaunches its Frequent Traveller scheme with a new system making it easier for members to accumulate points.
Points will now be earned based on the price paid for the Eurostar ticket, rather than the type of ticket. Points can even be earned on promotional fares and on indirect journeys to Eurostar Connections destinations such as Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Amsterdam and Cologne.
Redeeming points also becomes simpler and more flexible. Members of the scheme's top tier, Eurostar carte blanche holders, can now redeem points on Eurostar journeys up to 4 hours before departure, instead of 3 days currently. Eurostar Frequent Traveller members, on the lower earnings tier can redeem points on Eurostar travel up to 7 days in advance, instead of 14 days currently. Members only need to take 3 returns in the new Business Premier class to get enough points for a free return ticket in Standard class.
Joanna Ball, Eurostar's Loyalty Scheme Manager, commented: "These changes put Eurostar's frequent travellers ahead of the game when earning points for European travel. Our scheme is now far more flexible than before and, with points earned for every ticket purchased, also much simpler than those of competitor airlines."
In line with the new earning points structure, joining the scheme is now price-based. Travellers booking in the UK simply need to take a return from £185 or two singles from £92.50 each to qualify.
To maintain membership, Frequent Traveller members only need to do 1 trip at any fare in 1 year.
Eurostar Frequent Traveller points are valid for up to 3 years from the date of earning.

 Ticket price (either single or return)*
 Number of points earned

 Above £500

 From £300 to £499

 From £185 to £299

 From £52 to £184

 Less than £52

Editor's Notes:
1. Eurostar is the fast train service linking London, Ashford, Paris, Brussels, Lille, Avignon, Calais, Disneyland Resort Paris and the French Alps.
2. Eurostar was named "Train Operator of the Year" at the National Rail Awards 2004; "World's Leading Rail Service" in the 2003 and 2004 World Travel Awards; "Best Rail Network" at the Business Travel World Awards 2004 and "Best Rail Operator" at the Travel Weekly Globe Awards 2004.
3. Eurostar and Eurotunnel are two entirely different companies with two different management teams. Eurostar is Eurotunnel's largest customer.
4. To book tickets for Eurostar, or to find out more information, go to www.eurostar.com , call 08705 186186 or contact your travel agent.
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