Eurostar Welcomes Findings on Future Use of Waterloo Platforms

11 Oct 2005

Eurostar's move to St Pancras should leave a lasting legacy for Waterloo and domestic services -
Eurostar today welcomed the findings of the Government's report into the future use of the Waterloo International Terminal - Eurostar's London hub since 1994. The report recommends that the terminal be retained for rail use after Eurostar's move to St. Pancras in 2007 and transferred to domestic use.
The report identifies a potential boost for domestic passengers across Southern England as Eurostar's legacy creates additional station capacity and increased train pathways in South London.
Eurostar is "moving home", switching to St Pancras in 2007 to benefit from the new, purpose-built Channel Tunnel Rail Link which will reduce journey times, improve already high levels of punctuality and create greater connectivity around London.
Eurostar's Communications Director, Paul Charles, commented: "We welcome the Government's announcement that Waterloo's international terminal should remain in rail hands, benefiting many thousands of domestic commuters using the station.
Waterloo has been our home for over a decade and, although our move represents a transformation for international rail travel, we are delighted to be giving something back to rail users into and out of London."
The report also concluded that Eurostar's maintenance depot at North Pole should remain in rail hands in the long term, following the operator's move to new facilities at Temple Mills. Track access rights and train pathways released by the relocation are also singled out in the report as being of "significant potential value", as well as creating important extra capacity in South London.