Busiest ever Easter weekend for Eurostar!

23 Mar 2005
  • 150,000 passengers travel
  • 12 extra Eurostar services during Easter period

Eurostar, the fast passenger train service which links the UK with France and Belgium, will be carrying over 150,000 passengers over the Easter weekend which will make it Eurostar's busiest weekend ever.
Due to the extra demand Eurostar is operating 12 extra trains on both the London-Paris and London-Brussels routes. The great getaway starts on Thursday 24 and runs through to Tuesday 29 March.
Over 80,000 people will be travelling from the UK on direct services to Paris, Brussels, Lille, Disneyland Resort Paris and the French Alps. There are also travellers heading further a field with Eurostar and connecting high-speed or domestic rail services. In France, these include cities such as Lyon, Avignon, Dijon, Tours and Bordeaux, in Belgium to destinations such as Bruges, Gent and Antwerp and in the Netherlands to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Maastricht.
Eurostar's Communications Director, Paul Charles, commented: "This is Eurostar's busiest ever Easter as tens of thousands of travellers choose to getaway by train rather than plane. As Eurostar travels from city centre to city centre they waste less time camped out in airports and more time with family and friends or on holiday".
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