The 'non-uniform' uniform arrives at Eurostar

26 Feb 2004

Passengers on Eurostar, the fast train service that carries passengers between the UK, France and Belgium, will see a new look from today - new uniforms for 1700 staff, including drivers, train crews and customer services teams.
The chic uniforms, designed by Jacqueline de Baer, are described as a "non-uniform uniform" because of their more informal, casual look. The dark grey and charcoal uniforms, with yellow features, include beanie and baker boy's hats as well as wide winter scarves and polo shirts. In what is believed to be a first in the rail industry, drivers' uniforms will be without ties.
Jacqueline de Baer, founder of de Baer corporate clothing, has designed uniforms for travel companies for over 20 years and says this was one of her most challenging assignments:
"Through these uniforms, we are introducing the unexpected. Baker boy's hats and polo shirts indicate the modern, European feel of travelling by high-speed Eurostar - most passengers won't be expecting something so innovative. I love the informality of this uniform, which will ensure that Eurostar staff feel as comfortable and relaxed as their passengers."
Paul Charles, Eurostar's Director of Communications, added:
"Chic and stylish - these uniforms have been designed with Eurostar in mind. It's the latest phase in our new image and we're confident our passengers will love the more informal look. We now can't wait for our new, refurbished trains to begin operating this summer."
The new uniforms are a polyester/wool/lycra mix. They were worn in trial by more than 50 staff over a six-week period. The previous Eurostar uniforms were often found to be too heavy to wear by staff, especially in the summer.