Meet Mr. Jetset as Eurostar targets business travellers

9 Sep 2004
  • £1.4 million marketing campaign launches on 12th September

Eurostar, the high-speed passenger train service that links the UK with France and Belgium, is about to unveil Mr. Jetset - its latest salvo in the battle to persuade business travellers to switch from plane to train.
The Mr. Jetset character, created by retained agency TBWA London, aims to challenge the perception that, for some business travellers going to Paris or Brussels, flying by plane is better than taking the Eurostar.
Mr. Jetset embodies the loyal flier and the misconceptions they have about the bravado of taking the plane. An array of executions featuring Mr. Jetset describe how all the hassles, delays and complications of plane travel are worth it when you can turn to people and say "I came by plane you know." The alternative to buying into the illusion of flying is communicated through the sign-off "Fed up with flying? Fly Eurostar."
The campaign targets the business sections of newspapers and financial districts of London and will consist of press, poster and taxi ads, which will break on 13th September. This will be supplemented by direct mail and online activity.
Greg Nugent, Head of UK Marketing for Eurostar, said: "Mr. Jetset is the last of a dying breed as most business people are fed up with flying to Paris and Brussels by plane. The airport experience these days is awful, hardly making life easier for a business traveller."
Andrew McGuinness, Chief executive of TBWA London, added: "Going to Paris and Brussels on Eurostar is a no-brainer. After this campaign, our hope is that even the Mr. Jetsets of this world will get it."
The ads were written and art directed by Rob Turner and Nic Hutton at TBWA London. Media planning and buying is through MGOMD.
Editor's Notes:
1. Eurostar is the fast train service linking London, Ashford, Paris, Brussels, Lille, Avignon, Calais, Disneyland Resort Paris and the French Alps.
2. Eurostar was named "Train Operator of the Year" at the National Rail Awards 2004; "World's Leading Rail Service" in the 2003 World Travel Awards; "Best Rail Network" at the Business Travel World Awards 2004 and "Best Rail Operator" at the Travel Weekly Globe Awards 2004.
3. Eurostar and Eurotunnel are two different companies with two different management teams. Eurostar is Eurotunnel's largest customer.
4. For more information or to book Eurostar tickets visit or call 08705 186 186.