Eurostar sets another new punctuality record!

23 Aug 2004

Eurostar, the high-speed passenger train service which celebrates its 10th birthday in November, recorded the best punctuality performance in its history last week.
97.35% of scheduled trains arrived on time or early between Monday 16th and Sunday 22nd August.
The record punctuality surpasses the figures set by competitor airlines on the London-Paris and London-Brussels routes, which average 77% according to the latest figures supplied by the Civil Aviation Authority.
Since the opening of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link in September last year, over 15,400 Eurostar trains have run. Eurostar's punctuality has improved sharply since the dedicated high-speed line opened.
Paul Charles, Director of Communications, commented: "When Eurostar set a new punctuality record last month we thought it would be a difficult target to beat. However, to surpass that figure just a few weeks later is a great achievement for all Eurostar staff.
"It's no wonder passengers are choosing the train over the plane when they know that only high-speed rail offers them a truly fast and reliable service."
Editor's Notes:
1. Eurostar is the fast train service linking London, Ashford, Paris, Brussels, Lille, Avignon, Calais, Disneyland Resort Paris and the French Alps.
2. Eurostar services are up to 40 minutes faster for return journeys, as the Channel Tunnel Rail Link enables trains to run at speeds of up to 186mph (300 km/h).
3. Eurostar was named "World's Leading Rail Service" in the 2003 World Travel Awards; "Best Rail Network" at the Business Travel World Awards 2004 and "Best Rail Operator" at the Travel Weekly Globe Awards 2004.
4. Eurostar and Eurotunnel are two different companies with two different management teams. Eurostar is Eurotunnel's largest customer.
5. As part of its sponsorship of the Entente Cordiale centenary, Eurostar has introduced a school educational fare, which applies to those aged 11-21 and in a minimum group size of ten people. The maximum group size is 99. The offer applies for travel on any day except Friday and Sunday. Travel is until 20th December 2004.
6. More information about Eurostar can be found at or by calling 08705 186 186.