Eurostar to carry Ryanair passengers

8 Dec 2003

Eurostar today announced that it was expecting to carry thousands of Ryanair passengers whose flights from Stansted to Ostend, Maastricht, Reims and Clermont Ferrand are about to be axed. From 14 January 2004, Ryanair will cease operations on these routes leaving passengers "grounded" and having to obtain refunds and find alternative transportation.
Eurostar's Communications Director, Paul Charles, commented: "Disappointed Ryanair passengers to these destinations can travel in comfort with Eurostar and connecting rail services. On Eurostar prices are extremely attractive, we provide city centre to city centre journeys, there are no onerous weight restrictions on luggage, children under the age of 4 travel free and there are senior fares - unlike the so called low cost airlines."
Eurostar and connecting services provide immense flexibility so passengers can travel at the times they want to. Journeys and connections are easy and 24 hour stop-overs at connection cities such as Paris and Brussels add further value and flexibility.
London/Ashford to Ostend £59 return via BrusselsLondon/Ashford to Maastricht £69 return via BrusselsLondon/Ashford to Reims £79 return via ParisLondon/Ashford to Clermont Ferrand £89 return via Paris