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Help during disruption

Delayed trains 9117 and 9129 from Brussels today

Due to overrunning maintenance trains 9117 and 9129 from Brussels will be heavily delayed today.

Should you no longer wish to travel on these trains it will be possible to change your ticket for free to another train or refund your booking by using the field below.
Please note that if you have already passed your ticket through the ticket gates, it will be necessary to speak to staff in the station to have your ticket checked out to be able to change or refund your ticket.

We are very sorry for the impact this will have on your plans.

Change journey or get refund

Book a hotel or taxi

Just have your booking reference and the last 4 digits of your ticket to hand, and we'll organise the rest for you.

Get compensation

We will automatically contact you within 24 hours to claim compensation for any delay over 1 hour. You can also get the ball rolling – claim compensation

We're so sorry for the inconvenience caused by a delay or cancellation to your Eurostar journey.