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Whether your heart belongs to Brussels – big, light and crispy, or Liège – soft, sweet and dense, at least one waffle is an essential part of any trip to Brussels.

Even better, try a few different toppings for the full experience. Opt for classic chocolate and cream, go for healthy with berries, or push the boat out with all three. Our local taster selflessly puts the very best of them to the test.

  • Le Funambule

    Rue de l’Etuve 42, 1000

    It’s easy to spot this wildly popular takeaway counter: just look for the giant waffle-toting Manneken Pis outside.

    Toppings are over the top – vertiginously heaped fresh strawberries or bananas, chocolate sauce and whipped cream – so tuck in fast to avoid spillages.

  • Maison Dandoy

    Rue Charles Buls 14, 1000

    Dandoy was founded in 1829 and has been baking since before Belgium even existed,

    so you can have confidence you’re eating tried-and-true Brussels and Liège waffles (the brown-sugar topping is to die for) in their tearoom’s cosy, atmospheric surroundings.


  • Galler

    Rue au Beurre 44, 1000

    Follow your nose and let the heady scent of warm chocolate and baking lead you to top-notch chocolatier Galler.

    Their waffles are daintier than the average, but what they lack in size, they make up for in gourmet fillings: praline, dark chocolate, and raspberry.

  • Glacier Zizi

    Rue de la Mutualité 57a, 1180

    Fancy a scoop or two of homemade ice cream or sorbet with your waffle?

    Zizi’s are 100 per cent natural and homemade, with seasonal fruit and creative flavours: try speculoos for the full Belgian experience.

  • Chalet Robinson

    Sentier de l’Embarcadère 1, 1000

    The magical Chalet Robinson is the perfect pitstop after a weekend walk in the Bois de la Cambre park: it’s located on a tiny island and only accessible by boat.

    Waffles come with a range of toppings, but it’s the warm salted-caramel sauce that gets connoisseurs’ pulses racing.

  • Le Petit Nuage

    Parc Léopold, 1040

    A strong contender for Brussels’ cutest food truck, the sky-blue three-wheeled Petit Nuage bike tours the Léopold Park in spring and summer offering its ingenious ‘stick waffles’ in savoury flavours such as goats’ cheese or chorizo,

    as well as chocolate, vanilla and banana.

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