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Never one to rest on its laurels, Paris has turned on the charm lately with lovely boutiques and immersive exhibitions – just the thing to coax visitors across the Channel. We’ve lined up the capital’s most tempting lures, from up and coming neighbourhoods to delicious food places that will leave you wanting to go back for more. 

New neighbourhoods

    • In defence of La Défense

      Long seen by Parisians as a boring concrete jungle, financial quarter La Défense is staging a comeback. A hyped revamp will lure hipsters into its new 3,500-square-metre Oxygen complex, imagined as a trendy food destination and clubbing scene.

    • Village in the city

      Lovely boutiques have bloomed all along Rue de Charonne. Browse cool art at Art Factory and feminist tomes at Violette and Co before grabbing a pizza at Louie Louie.

    • Up-and-coming

      Strasbourg Saint-Denis has become cool, but remains down-to-earth. Try Passage Brady’s Indian eateries or the best kebabs in town at Urfa Dürüm, then admire haute couture fans at Anne Hoguet’s shop.

Culture fix

    • Da Vinci at the Louvre

      This year marks 500 years since Leonardo Da Vinci died at the Château d’Amboise, where the master spent the prolific last years of his life. This autumn, the Louvre will host a show-stopping exhibition gathering some of his most evocative work, including loans from Queen Elizabeth II’s collection.

    • All that glitters

      Tutankhamun's burial treasures will shine at the Grande Halle de la Villette this spring, with more than 150 items from his tomb on show. 23 March-15 September 2019

    • Immersive art

      L’Atelier des Lumières continues to dazzle with its immersive exhibitions. This year, stroll through Van Gogh’s Starry Night or ride Hokusai’s Great Wave in two successive shows.

    • Through the lens

      2018’s Willy Ronis retrospective was a triumph. The Pavillon Carré de Baudouin’s next photography show, Wilting Point by William Daniels, looks like a winner too.

Where to eat

  • Fancy delis

    Épiceries fines are making a comeback: Hédiard, the granddaddy of them all, is gearing up to re-open its iconic boutique on Place de la Madeleine this year. A good excuse to pop in to new-school spots Maison Plisson or Épicerie Générale in the meantime.

  • Art de vivre

    Japanese chef Shinichiro Ogata is turning a private mansion into an 800-square-metre food centre in the Marais. Experience Japanese cuisine, tea and wagashi sweet treats. Itadakimasu, Mr Ogata!

  • Avocat on toast

    Seemingly jealous of Sydney, New York and London, Paris finally gets its first avocado café. Will Avocateria’s plates be more ‘grammed than the Tour Eiffel?

  • Crafty goûter

    Why sip your latte in a bland mug, when you can customise your own? Get crafty while nibbling on your goûter (vegan cakes, organic wines) at Céramicafé’s ceramics workshop.

For night owls

    • Get high

      The centrepiece of upcoming shopping hotspot Ateliers Gaîté, a 364-square-metre rooftop is set to open at the zhuzhed-up Hôtel Pullman at the end of the year. If you can’t wait that long, check out the secret rooftop at La Machine du Moulin Rouge, or gain some hauteur this summer at Mama Shelter.

    • Play date

      A drink after work is always nice, but sometimes a gaming session is just what the doctor ordered. At new board games and arcade bar J’Peux Pas J’ai Poney, you can be social while indulging your inner kid.

    • Santé!

      Get free drinks around the capital and discover the latest cool, exclusive venues with the Firsty app – a drinking club for the millennial generation.

    • Électro

      Get your groove on at the Cité de la Musique’s immersive love letter to all things electronic: Rêve Électro. Expect a sensorial show, complete with a soundtrack’s by star DJ Laurent Garnier. 9 April-11 August 2019.

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