Palais Royal

Overlooking the Mont des Arts, the Royal Palace (Palais Royal) was built in successive stages from 1815. Works carried on for over a century, until 1902 (when the façades were refurbished). This location was formerly the site of the Coudenberg Palace (which means "cold mountain" in Dutch) where the Dukes resided from the 13th century onwards. The Palace is one of the royal family's official residences and is open to the public every summer. The Throne room and the Hall of Mirrors are not to be missed. Behind the palace is the Park of Brussels, the most popular park in the city. Once the private hunting grounds of Charles Quint, the park wasn't formerly opened to the public until the end of the 13th century. Today it is a haven for joggers, those out for a quiet stroll and couples enjoing the romantic setting.


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