Sablons and Saint-Géry

To the south-west of the royal palace, the guild of crossbowmen, who once practised on what was then a sandy marsh, built a chapel which was later replaced by the church of Notre-Dame, a flamboyant Gothic masterpiece.This neighbourhood is a must-visit for antiques lovers, and is full of shops and art galleries.This trendy area is hugely popular with locals who flock by day to the calm of Petit-Sablon square, and by night to the Grand-Sablon, illuminated by the stained-glass windows of Notre-Dame.The island of Saint-Géry, the heart of the medieval city of Brouscella, became a key commercial district in the late 19th century with the construction of a market hall.It is now an exhibition space.With a plethora of lively cafes, clubs and other entertainment all around it, this area is a magnet for night owls and a cosmopolitan, alternative crowd.


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