Grand Place and Saint-Hubert

Ravaged by fire in 1695, Grand-Place was rebuilt in just a few years at the behest of the city's powerful merchants, who individually oversaw the construction of the 34 houses which still stand to this day. Their wonderfully intricate Italo-Flemish-style façades all share architectural themes.Around the square, from place Saint-Jean to the church of Saint-Nicolas, and from place d'Espagne to the famous Mannekin-Pis, the bustling streets are a chance to sample the atmosphere of the so-called sacred island.The construction of three arcades sharing a 200-metre plus long glass roof in the mid-19th century rejuvenated the Saint-Hubert neighbourhood, which had lost much of its allure.The arcades were at the time the longest, highest and lightest of their kind in the world. They were an instant success and have not looked back since.


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