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Get your tickets on your mobile device or print them at home.

You can

  • download a mobile ticket and save it to your Wallet app
  • find your ticket in the Eurostar app
  • print your ticket at home

Once you’ve booked and paid for your ticket you’ll receive a confirmation email with your six-letter booking reference and a link to ‘Get your ticket’.

You’ll need to fill in your contact details before you can get your ticket. This is so we can stay in touch if your journey’s disrupted for any reason.

Please note that a service fee of 5 euros is charged for printing tickets in the ticket office in the Netherlands.


Mobile ticket

Find your ticket in the Eurostar app and you can check in with a quick scan of your mobile. Download the app for iPhone or Android.

  • To access your tickets, go to the 'Your bookings' section of the app.
  • At the check-in gate hold the barcode up to the reader and the gate will open.

Digital wallet

Under each ticket viewed in the Eurostar app will be an option to add it to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay Boarding Pass Wallet.

To get your tickets in your digital wallet app, go to Manage your booking, enter the contact details of each passenger, then click 'Email mobile tickets'. We’ll email your tickets to you as an attachment.

When you open the attachment, press 'Add' and your ticket will be added to the wallet app. When it comes to checking in, just hold the barcode of the wallet ticket up to the reader and the gate will open.


  • Digital wallet tickets are only available for bookings without connecting journeys.
  • Digital wallet tickets aren’t available on Any Belgian Station and Any Dutch Station bookings
  • If you change any details on your booking, you’ll need to save the updated ticket to your wallet app
  • Go to Manage your booking
  • Log in using your booking reference and passenger name
  • Enter the contact details of each passenger
  • Click Print tickets
  • You can then print directly or save your ticket on your computer to print later.

Why can’t I print at home?

  • If you’ve booked onward travel with another train operator the Print at home option won’t be available
  • If you’ve also booked UK rail travel with us you’ll need to collect your UK rail travel tickets from the station on departure.

You can collect your Eurostar tickets from either the Eurostar self service ticket machines or Eurostar ticket desk at your departure station.

You’ll need your booking reference and the credit or debit card you used to book the ticket to use the self-service machines. If you’re collecting from the ticket desk the cardholder will need to be present with ID.

Please note that a service fee of 5 euros is charged for printing tickets in the ticket office in the Netherlands.