Schiphol is first and foremost the airport which serves Amsterdam, and is the main airport of The Netherlands. It is located just 24 km from Amsterdam, and you'll be pleased to know that all passengers depart from one main terminal. The airport is ultra-modern and is well-equipped with services including a museum available for those travelling through: you won't get bored before your flight at Schiphol. Travel to Schiphol and become a citizen of the world.

Perhaps you are stopping off at Schiphol and have a connecting flight, or whether you're travelling to Amsterdam or returning home, you'll find all sorts of treasures here at Schiphol. If you've just arrived, you'll find that the airport serves as an international crossroads: throughout the terminal, television screens show the news from around the world, and you can easily access the internet here.
Schiphol is the only airport to have an actual museum within it. The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Schiphol is an annex of the main National Museum of Amsterdam - Rijksmuseum, and presents temporary exhibitions from the museum's main collection. Between boarding areas E and F, you can explore this little museum in Schiphol which in itself is rather unique. Admire works by the great masters such as Rembrandt, Ferdinand Bol or Jan Steel.

To help you really relax before a flight, Schiphol has relaxation seats throughout the airport: these Massages Back to Life will magically restore your zen before you board your flight. At the Meditation Centre, prayer and meditation reign supreme, with provisions for all nationalities and cultures.

Less spiritual but also theraputic, you can browse the shops in Schiphol for a great deal, or perhaps a souvenir to bring home for your friends and family. The Schiphol Plaza or the See Buy Fly will satify all last minute shopping urges. With your boarding card you'll be able to benefit from tax-free purchases on perfumes, alcohol and cigarettes, clothing, leather goods, jewellery and the latest electronics.

The restaurants in Schiphol and the various bars will make sure you are well fed and watered in Lounges 1 and 2, with a choice ranging from McDonald’s or Burger King, to Italian at Sbarro’s, and Asian cuisine at Hot Wox, or perhaps you'd prefer something sweet from the Boulangerie Paul.

What does Schiphol have in common with Las Vegas? The casinos of course... There are two here which you'll find on the Holland Boulevard and in Lounge 1. And if the urge takes you, you can even get married at Schiphol. Your honeymoon is only a step away.

Schiphol is a little taste of Amsterdam, capital of all follies...

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