With no less than 40 museums, cosmopolitan Basel is without doubt one of Switzerland's most cultural cities. A true platform of nations, it is known as Dreiländereck, (the Triangle) for its strategic position on crossroads of the borders of France, Germany and Switzerland. This blending of cultures and languages makes for a uniquely flavoured cocktail.

The red sandstone walls and roof tiles of the Cathedral of Basel, or Münster dominate the Münsterplatz square which is the buzzing focal point of the city. Basel Old Town boasts a harmonious and quirky mixture of styles: 15th century houses rub shoulders with the modern architecture for which Basel is so famous. Relax in the sun on the banks of the Rhine in the Greater Basel (Grossbasel) area, or lose yourself in the narrow winding streets and friendly neighborhood of Smaller Basel (Kleinbasel). The Middle Bridge (Mittlere Brücke) connects the two neighborhoods. If you're visiting with a partner, why not jump on a boat and cruise the Rhine, as romantic a trip as any here in picturesque Basel.

The kinetic sculpture which is the Tinguely Fountain brings the Kunsthalle Square to life. At the Beyeler Foundation, designed by Renzo Piano, you can explore the top collection of modern paintings.
Industrial designer Vitra presents the major stages in the history of modern design in one of the most refined and elegant museums in the world: the Vitra Design Museum.
This highly cultural city holds its famous contemporary art fair, Salon ART Basel, in June every year. Take a look: you might fall in love with a painting, sculpture or photograph that's just right for your living room.

Looking for restaurants in Basel? This highly cosmopolitan city offers a host of flavours from around the world. As for local specialities, taste the Basel flour soup, and the onion tart, these are traditionally served during the Basel Festival. And you mustn't miss the sweet specialities of Basel: Fastenwähe (a cake flavoured with cumin) and Basler Läckerli (a kind of spiced cake with dried fruits). Early in the year, Hypocras wine will leave a herbal taste in your mouth, while cherry Baselbieter Kirsch will awaken your senses. To learn more, go to the Basel Wine Fair.
And finally, from the top of the tallest tower in the country, the Messeturm, you can enjoy an ethereal view over the city and along the Rhine.

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