From the top of the citadel's watchtower the Walloon flag flies proudly, for Namur is the capital of the southern, French-speaking region of Belgium: Wallonia. The political seat is here in Namur where the region has its own Parliament and Government. Discover the authentic charm of Namur and its rich cultural heritage.

An absolue must-see, the Citadel - Terra Nova presides over the city from atop a rocky outcrop. The Counts of Namur lived there from as early as the 10th century, and it was one of the largest fortresses in Europe. Gather your troops and attack - as Louis XIV did in his time. In front of the Palace of the Counts of Namur within the citadel area you'll see the key dates in the history of the town engraved on the "Spiral of Time". Take the time to walk around this green and (now) peaceful area. At the top of the hill, you'll find the Reine Fabiola Adventure Park, ideal if you're looking for family things to do and see in Namur.
The "termite mound of Europe" according to Napoleon, the citadel hill comprises a warren of underground tunnels (7 kilometres) which you can explore, with galleries and unusual military relics.

Follow your nose, and check out the Guy Delforge Perfumery where you can learn all about the complex processes involved with artisan perfume-making and even inspect the olfactory laboratory there.

In the historic town centre, learn all about one of Namur's most famous natives, Félicien Rops, artist and printmaker of the 19th century, at the Félicien Rops Museum. Friend of Baudelaire and Huysmans, the libertine Rops became the darling of the Paris scene, with his risqué "Mythology of sins".

Don't miss the splendidly curvaceous late baroque Cathedral of Saint Aubain, a fantastic example of a style which is extremely rare in Belgium.
A stone's throw beyond this, the Groesbeeck de Croix Museum restores a certain 19th century aristocratic elegance.

Modern Namur likes to play, and the city hosts two big festivals of street performance: Namur in May and the Namur Circus Festival. At the gates of the Ardenne mountains, Namur offers a delightful glimpse into the region of Wallonia which looks more attractive than ever.

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