Mont des Arts

This area, which looks out over the old town of Brussels, was chosen by King Léopold II to become the area which was to house one of the world's finest art collections. It was not until 1955, 80 years later, that the collection would be displayed to the public - the design and implementation of a garden for the 1910 Universal Expo was a priority at the time.The Museum of Musical Instruments holds more than 1,200 items, and visitors can hear recorded demonstrations of many of them. The BOZAR is a dynamic space that functions sometimes as an exhibition hall, other times as a concert hall. A visit to the Royal Museums of Fine Art is a must, not only for the Flemish masterpieces on display at the museum of Ancient Art but also for the works by great artists of the 19th and 20th centuries, David and Magritte in particular.


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