The legendary home of the comic book, to travel to Brussels is to dive into a dynamic world of creativity and eternal youth.
Capital of Belgium, and indeed of the European Union, Brussels is a city of artistic taste and architectural gems with a particular wealth of art deco and art nouveau monuments.
You might like to begin your exploration of the city with a stroll around the Grand Place, a Unesco-listed monument. Keep your strength up with some moules-frites or a delicious waffle, washed down with some Belgian beer.

Make your way up to the Mont des Arts, where you will find the Royal Museums of Art and History and the Palais de Beaux Arts - Bozar which hosts concerts and exhibitions. The Museum of Musical Instruments - MIM is a delightful music box of treasures while the Royal Museums of Ancient and Modern Art will lead you on a journey of artistic creativity throughout the ages: from Jérôme Bosh to James Ensor.
Challenge your perceptions of reality through the work of the bowler-hatted, Belgian surrealist artist René Magritte, at the Magritte Museum .

The Biennale d'Art Nouveau and the BRXL arts festival are major must see events on Brussels' cultural calendar. Get your dancing shoes on in May, for the Nuits Botaniques (Botanical Nights) which will liven up the streets with rock and electro concerts.

There are plenty of family things to do in Brussels, for starters, don't miss the Tintin shop, near the famous Manneken-Pis statue. At the Belgian Comic Book Centre you'll learn even more about the famous 2-dimensional heros of Belgium, and you could stop off at the nearby Brasserie Horta for a pit stop en famille. Browse the shops at the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert and take some of Belgium's famously divine chocolate home for your friends - if there's any left by the time you get home, that is...

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