Lille Christmas market

A festive mix of France and Flanders

1 hr 22 mins from St Pancras Int'l direct
Dates: 18 Nov – 30 Dec 2016
Perfect for a day trip

Can't decide between France and Belgium for a Christmas market break? Get the best of both by speeding to Lille to enjoy a lovely mélange of French and Flemish culture.

The main market springs up in Place Rihour, where you'll find stalls selling gifts, decorations and delicious food from all around the world. But don't stop strolling there.

Step back in time and into the winding cobbled streets of Vieux Lille to soak up the festive atmosphere of Rue de la Grande Chaussée and Rue de la Monnaie. If you need un petit pick-me-up to keep you going until dinner time, pick up a tin of buttery babelutte caramels or stop for a snifter of gin-like genièvre.

Luckily there's little chance of getting lost, thanks to the enormous ferris wheel and Christmas tree that illuminate Place du Général de Gaulle. So when you're ready for a breather, head for the lights and go for a spin. The view's breath-taking and it's a great way to give your feet a rest.


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