Eurostar careers Who we are

About Eurostar

We’re on board, on the platform, in the depot and on the phones.

We feel at home in three countries and work like we’re all in one.

We’re a mixed up mélange of many cultures and draw inspiration from all of them.

We believe in honesty, transparency and fairness, with egalité at the heart of everything we do.

We thrive in times of adversity and keep our eyes firmly on the future.

We’ve created a generation that thinks nothing of lunching in London, then dining in Paris.

We’re connected. We’re caring. We’re ambitious.

We’re Eurostar.

Our Values

We’re looking for people whose values are just like ours.


We’re one team across three countries. That means sharing knowledge and working together towards our vision to inspire real connections for our customers.


We treat our colleagues and customers with warmth and attention, all the while being dedicated to every day-to-day aspect of our work.


It’s up to us to shape the future. That means actively seeking opportunities, taking ownership and making things happen to create an exceptional customer experience.

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