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From our early days of operation we have always had a strong sense of responsibility to the environment and the communities in which we operate and these commitments are reflected in the charities we support.

In working with charities, we focus on building collaborative partnerships and delivering joint initiatives with organisations that underpin our environmental and community objectives.

Our key charity partnerships include:

GoodPlanet Foundation, France is a recognised public interest foundation, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of ecology through artistic and educational projects worldwide. The Paris City Council entrusted the Domaine de Longchamp to the Foundation for a 30 year period to establish a centre dedicated to ecology and humanism which is open to everyone.

GoodPlanet Belgium inspires people to help create a sustainable society by sharing expertise and taking positive action. It develops and supports projects, training and teaching packages on all sustainability themes. It is also the Belgian partner of the GoodPlanet Foundation.

Young People’s Trust for the Environment (YPTE), a registered charity that aims to create a better future by inspiring young people to look after the environment. YPTE provides a huge range of free environmental information on its website, which is written for young people and teachers and is also useful to those wanting to find out more about key issues. Materials include an expanding range of educational videos, lesson plans and presentations for use in classrooms or by individual students.

We also have partnerships with Global Generation based in the King’s Cross development zone and Kent Walk to School in the UK. In Belgium we also work with Kringwinkel, a Belgian sustainability organisation with over 140 shops which employs 5,400 people some of who have limited language knowledge or a physical or mental disability.

In addition to collaborating with these specific charities we hold a monthly draw for Eurostar tickets which the winning charities can then use directly or raffle to raise money. Over the years, we have donated hundreds of tickets and helped many different charities in the UK, France and Belgium.

Image credits: © Eurostar; Young People’s Trust for the Environment; GoodPlanet Foundation, France; GoodPlanet Belgium