Are you concerned about the amount of luggage you are taking? Find out all you need to know about luggage allowances on Eurostar.

Luggage allowance on Eurostar
Luggage Allowances

One of the great benefits of travelling with Eurostar is that you only need to check in any luggage if you’re taking more than your allowance.

Travelling with musical instruments on Eurostar
Travelling with musical instruments
Keeping your precious cargo safe and sound
Travel on Eurostar with your sports equipment
Sports equipment

Whether you’re taking skis or a set of boules, here’s all you need to know.

Prohibited items and alcohol

Discover which items are prohibited on board Eurostar

All the information you need regarding luggage services with Eurostar
Luggage Services
All about registered luggage, parcel services and door-to-door delivery services
Travelling with your bike on Eurostar

Travelling with a bike? Here are the options.

Lost property
Lost Property

Learn about the processes Eurostar has in place for lost property.

Group luggage
Group luggage
Quick and efficient luggage check-in when you’re travelling in a group.