Checking in

Checking in at our stations

Checking In
checking in

What you need

To check in you’ll need your ticket and your passport or identity card. If you’re travelling with children they’ll each need their own passport, even babies.

You don’t need to check in your luggage as long as you’re within your allowance and are able to carry it yourself.

How to check in

When you arrive at the check-in barriers, either insert your ticket into the machine if you've picked it up it at the station, or simply scan the code on your ticket if you've printed it at home or you have it stored on your mobile.

When to check in

How far in advance you need to check in depends on what ticket you have. If in doubt, arrive with time to spare and have a croissant.

Standard Premier, Standard and carte classique travellers:

Check in at least 30 minutes before departure

Eurostar™ carte blanche holders and Business Premier travellers:

Check in at least 10 minutes before departure

Travellers needing assistance:

Allow yourself an extra 30 minutes on top of your normal check-in time

All travellers for ski services:

Check in 1 hour before departure

Check in at Brussels Midi/Zuid

Check-in at Brussels opens once the previous service has departed, so advanced check-in time will vary.

Access to the business lounge for Eurostar carte blanche and Business Premier ticket holders is allowed up to 90min before departure.