Our alcohol policy

Our rules about alcohol

To make sure everyone's safe, happy and healthy, we've got some rules around how much alcohol you can travel with.

Just to let you know, Eurostar reserves the right to confiscate and destroy any alcohol carried in excess of these limits, without any liability to you. We also have the right to refuse to allow (or to refuse to continue to allow) access to our services if a traveller’s physical or mental state is affected by alcohol or drugs.

Normal Eurostar train

  • 12 bottles or cans of beer or 6 bottles of wine or 3 bottles of spirits per traveller
  • If you’d like to take extra alcohol with you, you can – just use Eurodespatch our registered luggage service if you’d like to bring some home

Ski trains during the day

  • 4 bottles or cans of beer or 1 bottle of wine. No spirits are permitted

Night trains (including our overnight direct ski train) or when we’re taking lots of travellers to or from a sports event

On these journeys, we don't sell alcohol on board or allow travellers to bring their own alcohol with them. Any alcohol is confiscated during check-in and only non-alcoholic drinks in sealed bottles are allowed to pass through security at your departure station.

This policy helps us make sure that everyone can enjoy a relaxed ambience on board and that everyone arrives bright-eyed, fresh-faced and set for their holiday.