Eurostar Service Update

Due to a National Strike in Belgium on 09 October 2015, Eurostar services on the Brussels route will only be able to operate to and from Lille Europe on this day.

The impact of this means that Eurostar will be working to a reduced timetable to and from Lille Europe.

There will be no services to or from Brussels Midi.

From UK Evening of 8 October 2015

The last 2 trains from London St Pancras on 08 October will be changed as follows:

Train 9152 originally departing London St Pancras at 18.04 local time will now depart 30 minutes later.

The NEW time will now be departing London St Pancras at 18.34 arriving Calais 20.29, Lille Europe 21.00 and Brussels Midi 21.38 local times. Please check in at least 30 minutes before the new departure time.

Train 9158 departing London St Pancras at 19.34 has been cancelled. If you are booked to Calais, Lille Europe or Brussels Midi you will be re-accommodated onto train 9152 with an 18.34 departure time as above.

If you are booked on an affected train and do not wish to travel, Eurostar would like to offer you the chance to:

  • either change your booking free of charge for an alternative date within 120 days, subject to availability in the same class of travel
  • or cancel your booking, for a full refund


On 9 October 2015 Brussels Customers

Eurostar would like to offer you the chance to:

  • either change your booking free of charge for an alternative date within 120 days, subject to availability in the same class of travel.
  • change your booking free of charge for an alternative train to/from Lille Europe, even if your booked train is shown as stopping at Lille Europe, we still need to change your booking and understand your travel plans.
  • or cancel your booking, for a full refund.


On 9 October 2015 Lille Customers

The following trains have been cancelled from London St Pancras 9114, 9136, 9148 and from Lille Europe 9113, 9141, 9149, 9157.

If you are booked to travel between London St Pancras and Lille Europe on one of these cancelled trains we have automatically re-accommodated you onto the next available train as shown below in the table. If this is acceptable to you, please go to the manual check-in at least 60 minutes before the new train departure time, where we will issue you with your new coach and seat details.

London to Lille
Train 9114 re-accommodated to 9116 departing London St Pancras 08.55 and Ebbsfleet 09.15 arriving Lille Europe 11.26 local time
Train 9136 re-accommodated to 9140 departing London St Pancras 15.04 arriving Lille Europe 17.26 local time
Train 9148 re-accommodated to 9152 departing London St Pancras 18.04 arriving Lille Europe 20.26 local time

Lille to London
Train 9113 re-accommodated to 9117 departing Lille Europe 10.00 and Calais 10.31 arriving London St Pancras 10.27 local time
Train 9141 re-accommodated to 9145 departing Lille Europe 16.36 arriving Ebbsfleet 16.45 and London St Pancras 17.03 local time
Train 9149 re-accommodated to 9153 departing Lille Europe 18.36 arriving Ebbsfleet 18.45 and London St Pancras 19.05 local time
Train 9157 re-accommodated to 9161 departing Lille Europe 21.00 and Calais 21.31 arriving Ebbsfleet 21.15 and London St Pancras 21.39 local time

If this is not acceptable and you wish not to travel, Eurostar would like to offer you the chance to:

  • either change your booking free of charge for an alternative date within 120 days, subject to availability in the same class of travel,
  • or cancel your booking, for a full refund.


Contact Details

If you would like to take up any of the options, please contact your original point of sale in the first instance or Eurostar’s Contact Centre, before 06 October 2015.

The Eurostar Contact Centre is open from 8am to 7pm (UK Time) Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm (UK Time) on Saturday and Sunday, and can be reached on: 03432 186 186 from the UK or from Belgium on: 02 40 06 731 or from France on: 01 70 70 60 88.

If you are holding a fully flexible ticket, please exchange or refund your ticket at

We apologise for any inconvenience that this causes you. We hope that this advance warning allows you to minimise any disruption to your plans.


Travelling to Disneyland ® Paris from Ebbsfleet International?

We’ve now stopped selling tickets from Ebbsfleet International on our direct service to Disneyland® Paris on:

  • Sunday 27 September
  • Monday 26 October

This is to stop the departure lounge there getting too full on those days, but you can still travel from London or Ashford.

If you haven’t booked yet
There are still seats available. You’ll just need to buy tickets from London St Pancras International or Ashford International and board the train at one of those stations.

If you’ve already booked tickets from Ebbsfleet International
Don't worry, the train will still stop at Ebbsfleet as normal but it might be worth leaving a little extra time to check in, since it'll be busy.


Engineering work on 16, 17, 30 and 31 January 2016 

On the weekends of 16-17 and 30-31 January 2016, we’ll be running a revised timetable between the UK and Paris, Brussels, Lille and Calais. 

This is while engineers replace the points in the Channel Tunnel, meaning we can only run trains through one of the two tunnels we normally use. 

Unfortunately, until we know the exact details of the work and which trains we can run, we won’t be able to offer any tickets on these dates. 

As soon as tickets are available to book, we’ll announce it on but you’ll also find updates on our Twitter page. 

We’re sorry for any inconvenience but works like these are essential to keep our trains running reliably and on time in the future. 

Thank you for your understanding and as always, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch

Ashford International closed all day on 21st February 2016

Engineering works will be carried out at Ashford International on Sunday 21st February 2016.

Eurostars 9014 and 9032 (to Paris), 9074 (to Lille and Disneyland), 9023, 9045 and 9055 (from Paris), 9152 (to Lille and Brussels), 9153 (from Lille and Brussels), 9057 (from Disneyland) and 9099 (from Bourg St Maurice and Moutiers) will NOT stop at Ashford.

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