Terms and Conditions

Important - Terms and Conditions

Any discounted or complimentary journey offered will be in the same class of travel as the one on which the delay occurred.
All Eurostar tickets are subject to availability. You must book your discounted/complimentary tickets within 12 months of the date of the original delay.
You can transfer your compensation entitlement to a friend or family member if you wish, but once you have booked the journey you cannot change the name on the ticket.
If you use your compensation entitlement to book a free ticket, this will be exchangeable (in terms of dates and times) only once before the departure time stated on the ticket (subject to availability).
However, if you use your compensation entitlement for a 50% discount off a ticket, the exchange and refund conditions of that fare will apply.
You must claim any European legislation (PRR) refunds within 60 days of the original delay.
Your new compensation journey will not be valid on any connecting Belgian/Dutch domestic services, so you'll need to purchase any onward travel tickets separately.

Ski and South of France services

You may only use your compensation entitlement for Eurostar tickets to the South of France and the French Alps if the delay you originally experienced was on a direct service to one of these destinations. In such a case you may also use your compensation for tickets to our core destinations (Paris, Brussels, Lille and Disneyland® Paris).

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Services that are not scheduled to cross the Channel Tunnel

When delay compensation is offered to holders of tickets that are not scheduled to cross the Channel Tunnel (E.g. Brussels-Lille, Lille-Brussels, Brussels-Calais, Calais-Brussels, Paris-Calais or Calais-Paris) this would take the form of a partial (PRR) refund calculated according to the table above. The discounted/complimentary travel option will not be offered.