2 FOR 1 - Terms and Conditions

    • If you wish to use the 2 FOR 1 offer ('Offer') you will be deemed to have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and agreed to be bound by them.
    • You must hold a valid Eurostar ticket in order to take advantage of the Offer at the galleries listed in the initiative (For more details, please refer to eurostar.com website in connection with your place of residence or country of original departure).
    • For access to partner museums sited in France or Belgium, the Offer is only available to passengers travelling from the UK to France or Belgium.
    • For access to partner museums sited in the UK, the Offer is only available to passengers travelling from France or Belgium to the UK. You are not eligible to use the Offer in the country where you are normally a resident.
    • The following constitutes a valid Eurostar ticket: a Eurostar paper ticket; a print at home Eurostar ticket; a Eurostar manual boarding pass; or any new method of ticketing utilised by Eurostar from time to time. Only one (1) person is required to hold a valid Eurostar ticket in order to qualify for the Offer.
    • You will be required to present yourself at the Ticket Desk or Welcome Desk at the Galleries in order to obtain the Offer.
    • You will be required to provide appropriate personal identification upon demand including proof of your usual country of residence.
    • The Offer is only available on full priced tickets for exhibitions at the Galleries and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or concessions tickets.
    • The Offer excludes talks, events, concerts and screenings at the Galleries.
    • The Offer is valid for five (5) days after the date of travel as stated on your valid outbound Eurostar ticket depending on your place of residence.
    • You may only use this Offer once per gallery, per Eurostar journey.
    • No refunds or exchanges are available and this Offer is not valid for resale or transfer.
    • This Offer is subject to availability at all times.
    • During busy periods you may be asked to return to the exhibition(s) at an allocated time slot as determined by the relevant Gallery in its absolute discretion.
    • The Galleries reserve the right to amend or make any alterations to the published details of the event as shall become necessary from time to time.
    • The Galleries reserve the right to refuse admission to any of the exhibitions in their absolute discretion.
    • The Offer can not be booked in advance.
    • No photography is permitted within any exhibition.
    • Please note that a Eurostar ticket does not grant you fast track access into a Museum or Gallery when there are queues to see an exhibition.

Please note that the Offer is .not available for the ‘Colour’ exhibition at the National Gallery from 18 June – 7 September 2014

Gallery image credits:

  • © Ludovic Maisant / CRT IDF
  • © Bertini pour la RMN – 2010
  • © Musée du quai Branly, photo Nicolas Borel
  • © Jeu de Paume, 2010, photo Adrien Chevrot
  • © CLAUDE MONET, London, Houses of Parliament.
  • Musée d’orsay, Paris, Bridgeman Art Library