Since 2007 we've achieved a lot in terms of reducing our consumption, responsible sourcing and recycling. To make sure we're still doing all we can, here are the main targets we want to hit by 2015.

Carbon footprinting our business So we have a baseline as a reference point we're measuring our entire carbon footprint for 2010.


This will help us understand how and where we generate emissions, not just directly but also indirectly, seeing the effects of everything from how our employees get to work to the processes our waste goes through after it leaves our offices.

This groundbreaking study is part of our new integrated approach to treading lightly, ensuring that we're looking at the whole picture and taking responsibility for all our emissions.

Cutting our business emissions by 25% by 2015

Virtually every aspect of our business produces CO2e emissions. From the electricity we use in our offices to the water we use to wash our trains, it all counts and we want to reduce it.

Our ambitious new target is to reduce our CO2e emissions by 25% by 2015, not including the emissions from our train journeys (we already have a separate target for that which you can read about below).

To make sure we're doing all we can to reach this challenging 25% reduction we'll use the results from our carbon footprinting study. We'll look at where we can reduce our own energy, waste and water consumption and also make changes to our supply chains and other areas outside our immediate business.

We haven't forgotten our original Tread Lightly commitments

One of our original commitments under Tread Lightly was to reduce our CO2e emissions per traveller journey by 25% by 2012, using 2007 as a base year. In 2009 we increased this to 35% and that target still remains.

Another part of the original Tread Lightly was our 10 point plan. This contains some commitments we're yet to achieve, including recycling 80% of our waste and sending zero disposal to landfill by 2012. Although we are doing well in these areas we still have more to do and are continuing to work to improve our recycling rates even further.