Eurostar careers office

United Kingdom

  • London - Times House, King's Cross


  • Paris - Rue du Delta, Rue de Dunkerque
  • Lille - Eurocentre, Rue du Luxembourg


  • Brussels - Avenue Louise


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Our head office roles are hugely varied.

From HR to strategy, finance to creative, we're one brilliant team across three countries - and proud of it.

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One of the most varied departments, Commercial covers areas like product and research, sales, marketing, branding, corporate communications, distribution, planning…the list goes on.


Operations delivery

The nerve centre of our services, we do everything possible to make sure all our trains are safe and on time.


Service & People

This department covers everything from People/HR (employee relations, recruitment, learning and development) to customer service development and security, taking care of our people and our customers, all in the same department.



Here we take care of payroll, reporting, analysis and procurement – all the vital behind-the-scenes work that keeps Eurostar going onwards and upwards.


Business & Service Continuity

The team is responsible for taking care of things like disruptions or high profile projects that have an impact on our operations.



The strategy team takes a broad overview of Eurostar projects and identifies the right goals and objectives for all our teams to work towards.



Our team of internal lawyers provides all the legal advice that Eurostar needs, sourcing counsel externally wherever we need it.


Information Systems

With their global overview of all the Eurostar information systems, our team of highly trained techies takes care of our business requirements, functional architecture and technological suitability.


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