International operations

The overall responsibility for the safe and punctual delivery of Eurostar's train service lies with the International Operations team.

The Operations team is headed up by the International Operations Director and split into four main functions:

1. UK Operations Team

Deal with:

  • Train driving activity: direct line management, setting standards and compliance to statutory regulations.
  • Day to day delivery of the train service through Eurostar Control.
  • Provision of train crew resources.
  • Development of various rule books and publications.
  • Provision of French language training within the company.

2. Performance and Planning Team

Deal with:

  • Timetable development and special trains.
  • Crew diagramming.
  • Infrastructure providers to manage and reduce causes of delays.
  • Performance regimes and certain contractual items with infrastructure providers.
  • Eurostar's Commercial and Customer Service teams, turning business aspirations into robust service delivery.

3. International Operations Team – Based in Lille

Deal with:

  • Relationships with our partner railways on the Continent.
  • Timetable development.
  • Monitoring of train performance.
  • Fleet provision.
  • The central Eurostar Control in Lille (COE).
  • Overseeing various three railways working groups.

4. International Safety REX Team

Deal with:

  • Managing the investigation process.
  • Gathering information and recommendations.
  • Gathering operational incidents involving Eurostar services in any of the three countries.