Seating Information

You will be able select your seat during the booking path and also the ability to amend your seat after you have booked using the ‘Manage a booking’ link at the top of the page.

The type of seat available to choose from will depend on how many people are travelling with you.

The different seating preferences are :

Standard Premier/Business Premier

  • Aisle Seat.
  • Window Seat.
  • Solo Seat:- Is a Seat on its own next to the window with no other seats next to it.
  • Duo seating:- Side by side seating facing the same direction.
  • Club 2:- Seated at a table for two facing each other.
  • Club 4:- Seated around a table for four.

Standard Class

  • Aisle Seat.
  • Window Seat.
  • Duo seating:- Side by side seating facing the same direction.
  • Square:- Seated around a table for four.
  • Family:- Seated around a table for four in the family area.

All seats are subject to availability so it may not always be possible to fulfil your request

What is the family area of the train?

The family area of the train is located in coaches 1 and 18.

This area is divided from the rest of the carriage so children cannot wander too far and has a number of seats with fold down (rather than fixed) tables to give more room.

It is also near to the baby changing and bottle warming facilities.

We have booked separately. How do we ensure we are seated together?

To change your seating so you are seated together on the train please contact your original point of sale.

If you made your booking on our web site or via our contact centre, please access your bookings via the 'Manage a booking' page and change your seats.

If you made your booking with a travel agent or other company, it will not be possible to change your seating in advance. You may be able to change seats once you have boarded the train if you speak with the train manager.

What are the sizes of your seats on board the train?

1st class seats are 665 millimetres wide and 509 if the armrest is down.

2nd class seats are 477 millimetres wide and 429 if the armrest is down.

In 1st class, each seat has it's own armrest in the centre whilst in 2nd class; it is shared between the 2 passengers.

Why am I getting a message that seats are overbooked and I will get a tip up style seat?

This indicates that at the time of booking its not possible to allocate you a seat.

We often have people that fail to show up for their journey. You will then be allocated one of these seats when you check in.

If no seats are available at check in you will then be allocated a tip up style seat. To be sure of a seat allocation we would advise you to try travelling at a different time.