Customer Services

Eurostar's Customer Service teams are there to help Eurostar travellers at every step of their journey.

The service that we give to customers may be delivered either directly by Eurostar teams (Eurostar UK, SNCF, SNCB) or through partnerships with our contractors (Momentum, Chubb, Rail Gourmet, Alpha, OCS).

The majority of roles in the Customer Services team require a high level of written and spoken French and English, with fluency often required in the second language.

In the Terminals

We offer each individual customer high quality, face-to-face service:

  • In the Travel Centre, Ticket Offices and at Check-in
  • At security screening
  • In the departure and business lounges
  • On the platforms

Behind the scenes, we support all of these areas with:

  • E-ticketing machines
  • Customer information systems
  • Train preparation (cleaning, security search, preparation and loading of catering)
  • Platform control
  • Train despatch
  • Retail outlets
  • Terminal facilities

Our people work together as one team, focused on delivering what is important to our travellers, getting trains to leave on time, every time.

We ensure that we provide a high quality, clean and safe environment and we are always available to help and give information.

At times this can be challenging.

Our customers, busy with their own lives and needs, can be demanding. Bad weather can affect our operation and major sporting events can attract large numbers of travellers.

Whatever the challenges we face, we deal with professionally and with a smile.

After Travel

Our International Travel Care team is based in Ashford, Kent.

The team gets involved when travellers wish to contact us after their journey and during times of service disruption/recovery.

As a result the people in our International Travel Care team are highly flexible and able to carry out a varied range of tasks.

  • They deal with customers on the telephone and in person.
  • They proactively contact customers to sort out problems.
  • They produce personalised responses to each traveller's query or complaints.

This role is as demanding as it is highly rewarding.

Behind The Scenes

The Behind the Scenes team carry out a variety of tasks. They support the people who interact with our customers face-to-face.

We have a dedicated management and co-ordination team who carry out a range of roles.

Such roles often involve providing what our customers want and giving frontline staff the tools which they require to do their jobs.

Two important elements are training and development and analysing customer research. These areas help us to be better at what we do.

Customer Services Catering & Contracts
The Customer Services Catering & Contracts teams have a wide and crucial range of responsibilities within the Eurostar traveller experience.

Every aspect of the Eurostar experience is carefully designed and managed from within the Customer Services team:

  • From check in
  • to time waiting in the Business Lounge, Where customers may take complementary refreshments, recharge their mobile phones, check e-mail, perhaps pick up a newspaper, or just relax for a few minutes;
  • From embarking the train
  • Being served a five course meal by one of our stewards or stewardesses
  • to their arrival at their destination met by one of our dedicated Eurostar chauffeurs.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service.

Our staff have a well deserved reputation for quality, and an ability to adapt to the most difficult and unforeseen operational circumstances. 

Working in conjunction with our chosen Eurostar Customer Service partners*, we are constantly seeking to improve ever aspect of our traveller's journey.

For example, our On Board service partner, Momentum Services Limited, work constantly on our behalf to source new and innovative food proposals in the UK, France, and Belgium.

We take pride in showcasing local specialities prepared to exacting standards, ensuring the consistency and quality that we and our travellers expect.

If you are looking for a challenging, constantly evolving role working with a team of dedicated professionals, helping to manage vital internal and external customers, then this is the challenge that you are looking for.